Monthly Archives: January 2011

Spiced Goat Stuffed Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi is a highly underrated member of the cabbage family. The taste is similar to cauliflower and cabbage heart, but slightly sweeter. It is an excellent candidate for stuffing, and the Indian-inspired spices in the goat go beautifully with the flavor and texture of the kohlrabi. Continue reading


Rabbit & Andouille Sausage Stew

This is a very easy slow cooker recipe that produces very tender and succulent rabbit. The flavor of the andouille sausage is a great feature in this otherwise very basic stew recipe. Continue reading

Onion & Bison Soup

One of our favorite pre-Primal/Paleo soups was a good homemade French Onion soup served with a couple of slices of toasted baguette topped with broiled Provolone cheese. By removing the bread and cheese and adding in some great protein, in this case bison, we have transformed a soup that was previously an excuse to eat cheese toast into a hearty Paleo meal. Continue reading

Sage & Lemon Chicken with Roasted Kobocha Squash

This is a very simple, yet satisfying meal. The infusion of sage and lemon flavor into the chicken goes beautifully with the sweetness of the Kabocha Squash. Kobocha is very similar in taste to Butternut squash or sweet potato. The slightly mashed texture of some of the squash is great with the crunch of the toasted squash seeds and the delicate fried sage leaves that tie the meal together. Continue reading

Thai Meatballs with Slaw

Ground beef is a great way to eat grassfed meat without spending a fortune on steaks, and is extremely versatile. This recipe is a wonderful combination of some our favorite Thai flavors. The warm coconut tomato sauce to accompany the meatballs goes wonderfully with the cooler flavors in the slaw, including lemon and cilantro. This recipe seems like a lot of work, but is well worth the effort, I promise! Continue reading

Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms with Rustic Tomato Sauce

This is one of those meals that you almost have to close your eyes while you chew each bite because it is so satisfying. The different textures presented by the meaty Portobello, the soft tomatoes in the sauce, and the crispy bits of the sausage is such a fantastic combination. We normally would have topped these with a bit of broiled Grana Parmesan or fresh mozzarella, but as we are doing a dairy free month, we omitted it but did not miss it at all. The rustic tomato sauce made with grape tomatoes is the perfect finishing touch. Continue reading

Oxtail Soup

I love any soup that involves eating with your hands, and these slow braised oxtails are worth getting your hands a little messy. The oxtails are best if braised one day and then left overnight in the liquid. Some of the excess fat that solidifies on the top should be removed the next day, and then you can proceed with the remainder of the preparation. Continue reading