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Paleo “Everything” Crackers

One of my favorite comfort foods was always a fresh “Everything” bagel from the local bagel shop. The combination of these spices is so familiar to many of us, and often missed in our now bagel-free lives. These almond crackers are topped with a traditional “everything” spice mix that you can tweak to your perfect blend. Continue reading


Spiced Beef and Kale Frittata

I recently took on a second job, which has dramatically cut into the time I have available to cook meals. So I began to do some thinking about what the  ideal and simple ready-to-eat meal would be. I naturally arrived at an egg based dish with lots of meat, green vegetables, and healthy fat. Continue reading

3 Ingredient Paleo Sweet Potato “Pie”

This light and fluffy sweet potato “pie”  is  great for pre/post workout nutrition. It is very reminiscent of sweet potato pie filling and is so incredibly easy, having only three ingredients. Continue reading

Primal Lamb Lasagna

This layered meat and vegetable dish is not too complicated and makes enough for a few meals, which is a huge plus around here. The cinnamon and allspice are a nice change of pace from the typical Italian seasonings, and are reminiscent of the flavors found in Greek  Moussaka. Continue reading

Spiced Goat Stuffed Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi is a highly underrated member of the cabbage family. The taste is similar to cauliflower and cabbage heart, but slightly sweeter. It is an excellent candidate for stuffing, and the Indian-inspired spices in the goat go beautifully with the flavor and texture of the kohlrabi. Continue reading