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Masala Chili with Kale & Kohlrabi

This hearty chili-like dish is exploding with aromatic Indian spices and packed with nutrition. It freezes beautifully, so this recipe is for a large batch and could easily be halved if desired. Adjust the amount of cayenne added to control the spiciness of the dish, the recipe has a bit of a kick as written. If you do dairy, this would be nice topped with a dollop of good yogurt. Continue reading


Onion & Bison Soup

One of our favorite pre-Primal/Paleo soups was a good homemade French Onion soup served with a couple of slices of toasted baguette topped with broiled Provolone cheese. By removing the bread and cheese and adding in some great protein, in this case bison, we have transformed a soup that was previously an excuse to eat cheese toast into a hearty Paleo meal. Continue reading

Ground Beef & Cabbage

This is a very old school dish that I turned my nose up at as a child. Now I find it is a delightful comfort food with the bonus of being Paleo (and Whole 30 approved – yay, day 2!). It is essentially deconstructed stuffed cabbage rolls, and requires much less effort to make (it is also fairly inexpensive to make). I made a huge batch today to eat for lunch throughout this week and am already looking forward to lunch tomorrow!

(P.S. the raw cabbage leaf in the photo is just a garnish for visual effect) Continue reading